Means of action

To implement its activities, SoCoop can count on the following strength:

  • A global cooperative stakeholder’s network
  • A cumulative working experience of 150 years
  • Over 60 countries level cumulated experience in Africa, Asia, Europe, MENA, NIS and South America

Project Services

SoCoop provides the following project services:

  • Project identification
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project preparation & design.
  • Project implementation, planning & scheduling
  • Program & project management
  • Project control & monitoring
  • Project appraisal
  • Project evaluation
  • National cooperative strategy planning

Consulting & Advisory Services

SoCoop provides the following consulting and advisory services:

  • Strategy
  • Governance & management
  • Human resources
  • Technology & engineering
  • Marketing & public relation
  • Performance & risk
  • Financing & expansion
  • Value chain integration

Research, Development & Publications

SoCoop provides research, development and publication services in the following areas:

  • Strategy and policy formulation
  • National cooperative movement assessment
  • National cooperative supporting institutions
  • Cooperative law and regulation

At the cooperative sectorial level

  • Various sectorial studies (agriculture, finance, services)
  • Sector policy formulation

At the cooperative enterprise and pre-cooperative level

  • New product development
  • Process optimization
  • IT integration & wireless systems
  • Definition of a suitable legal and institutional framework for pre-coop organizations
  • Formulation of a development plan
  • Technical support and transition facilitation

Training & Education

SoCoop provides training and education services in the following areas:

  • Evaluation of the national cooperative training system
  • Formulation of national cooperatives training policies
  • Training needs analysis
  • Training design and material development
  • Implementation training
  • Evaluation training
  • Training of trainers