Our Experts

NDJONKOU Djankou | Chairman | Cooperative expert: Djankou Ndjonkou is SoCoop’s senior cooperative expert. He graduated in cooperative economics, cooperative administration and cooperative management at the University of Marburg, Germany. He naturally started his professional career in the cooperative sector and occupied several positions for the ILO in Africa, Switzerland, the USA and China. He will bring to SoCoop all his knowledge about cooperatives, especially in terms of training and cooperative life, as well as international network of cooperative’s stakeholders.

GUIGOU Claire | Director | Development economist: Claire Guigou worked for more than 20 years to design, manage, support projects for the ACP private sector programs including Business Development Services, support to improve operational business management competitiveness and strengthen value-chains and business clusters. She has also a good knowledge of EU-ACP policies and practices. She will bring to SoCoop her knowledge of the private sector, especially in terms of value-chains, and her capacity to dialogue with donors and development agencies.

ROSSIER Francois | Director | Microfinance expert: Francois Rossier worked as a microfinance expert for 19 years in 43 countries in Africa, Asia, Haiti, CIS and the Balkans where he addressed complementary issues such as impact evaluation, training saving and credit cooperatives’ members, advising rural microfinance institutions and conducting due diligence for microfinance investment funds. He will bring to SoCoop his knowledge on finance, especially in terms of risk analysis, financial projections and business model design.

BABIN Pascal | Founding member | Agro-economist: Pascal Babin is an agro-economist with 15 years of extensive experience. He is mainly specialized in rural finance, including microfinance, new product development; seasonal financing; value chain analysis and advisory services for farmers’ based organizations. He is also specialized in designing and conducting specific trainings for cooperative’s managers. He will bring to SoCoop his sound understanding of agriculture finance and value chain integration.

Tevels Romain | Founding member | Microfinance expert: Romain Tevels has more than 12 years experience in financial inclusion in the Middle East, India and Africa. For the past 10 years, he handled various senior management positions in different urban and rural financial institutions. He gathered a strong experience in training and capacity building, market development, product development as well as savings and credit operations management in general. He will bring to SoCoop his sound knowledge of microfinance operations and his capacity to manage local teams and institutions.

LESAFFRE Dominique | Founding member | Economist: Dominique Lesaffre worked for 25 years in Africa, South America, Asia and Central Asia in the field of social and rural communities. He conducted institutional mandates and responsibilities in social and development finance; evaluated, designed and implemented credit guarantee schemes for development; evaluated strategic planning for development organizations and provided services related to the sustainability of development institutions. Since September 2011, he is the president of the International Association of Investors in the Social Economy (INAISE).

ROSSI Lorenzo | Founding member | Salt Engineer: Lorenzo Rossi has over 30 years’ experience in salt and salt iodization, working internationally with the private sector, international NGO’s and UN agencies. He is specialized in the creation of informal salt producers’ cooperatives, product development, quality control, marketing and project management. He will bring to SoCoop his technical skills and capacities to merge technical issues with people’s communities.

O’REILLY Martin | Member | Training & microfinance expert: Martin O’Reilly has over 30 years of experience in teaching and training in developing countries. He is specialized in designing and editing of all learning materials, including study guides in areas of management, development studies, education and public health as well as distant learning thru the internet. He also developed specific training curriculums for organizational development, change management and training skills for trainers. He will bring to SoCoop his extended experience in training.