Our Track Record

2015-01 Mali | FEFISOL: due diligence of the first mango exporter in Mali. Analysis of the whole value chain (production, processing and exporting). In addition a cash flow projections for 2015 was established in order to fine tune the disbursement and repayment patterns.

2014-12 Uganda | Microfinanza: technical support for SNV to promote the distribution of Renewable Energy Technologies products (solar, ICS, biogas) by using the Reduction Energy Expense Product Delivery Model (REEP-DEMO) methodology.

2014-11 | South Sudan | UN Women: Continuation and scaling up of the capacity building of women farmers pre-cooperatives and cooperatives through training and assistance in establishing governance and management systems. Training of cooperative officers and UN Women’s partner NGOs staff as trainers in cooperative administration, organization and management.

2014-11 Mali | Genilem du Monde: feasibility study for EVAREL (Entreprise Valorisant les Ressources Locales), a project aiming to promote enterprises specialized in local resources transformation. These new enterprises will bring together a local partner, a european SME for the processing technology and a financial partner for equity and working capital.

2014-10 | Ghana | Microfinanza: implementation of the Reduction Energy Expense Product Delivery Model (REEP-DEMO) with ASA Initiative, a microfinance NGO, to promote and scale-up the distribution of the ELSA STOVE, a biochar improved cook stove, at the base of the pyramid.

2014-10 Uganda | TRIAS (Belgium Farmers’ Org): conducted two-day workshop as part of mid-term assessment exercise for program for District Farmer’s Organization in Uganda who are receiving assistance from Belgium government through TRIAS.

2014-09 Singapore | International Longevity Centre: led four-day TOT workshop for program on successful aging for the elderly in Singapore – sponsored by Government of Singapore.

2014-09 Singapore | CitiBank/Taos Foundation: led two-week monitoring and evaluation exercise for Financial Education for Women program which I developed for them in 2008, and updated in 2010.

2014-06 |Tanzania & Kenya| Microfinanza: Promotion of Renewable Energy Technology products with microfinance at the base of the pyramid.

2014-03 | Ghana & Togo | Entrepreneurs du Monde: evaluation of ID Ghana microfinance and Assilassimé microfinance.

2014-01 Indonesia | PPSW: conducted a two-day TOT workshop for regional team leaders of PPSW – the largest women’s organization in Indonesia – on the topic of ‘the role of women in advocacy work and women in contemporary Indonesia.

2013-12 | South Sudan | UN WOMEN : TA for the promotion of women’s agricultural cooperatives (vegetable, fruit and shea). The objective of this project was to increase rural women farmers’ access to services and opportunities that will facilitate their engagement in agribusiness through value chain development and cooperatives, with initial targeting of women groups in six states: Central Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria, Western Equatoria, Western Bahr el Ghazal, Lakes and Warrap. The main activities included: cooperative training, support for creating a conducive policy and regulatory environments for women cooperatives, development of model bylaws, development of cooperative training material, training of trainers and training of members and elected officers.

2012-09 | Swaziland | UNDP : TA for improving the governance of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCO). The overall goal of the assignment was to create Cooperative Boards that align the operations of their co-operatives with World Council of Credit Union (WOCCU) standards; to improve the management and profitability of the Savings and Credit Co-operatives in the country and to strengthen the Co-operative identity in the general membership. The activities included the training of staff members employed by the Cooperative movement on cooperative business management and entrepreneurial skills; the training of Trainers (TOT) for the Department of Cooperatives and SASCCO (Swaziland Association of Savings and Credit Cooperatives) on cooperative business management and entrepreneurial skills; the training of SACCO leaders on governance of cooperatives and adherence to the cooperative prudential standards as advocated by WOCCU and the training of cooperative leaders on basic lobbying and advocacy skills.

2012-06 | Niger | BTC : Head of Evaluation Mandate of ARMFD (Augmentation du RevenuMonétaire des Femmes de la Région de Dosso), a community finance program.

2010-05 – 2010-12 | Ghana, Philippines | GAIN :TA for GAIN’s Universal Salt Iodization Project. The objective of this assignment was to assess the feasibility to support small scale salt producers to organize into sustainable cooperatives in order to produce adequately iodized salt and distribute it on the local market. Such cooperatives were established in Ghana and the Philippines.

2009-01 | Ethiopia | SOS Faim : Evaluation and strategic proposal concerning BUUSAA GONOFAA regarding its Rural Community Banking component.

2008 | Russia | Symbiotics SA : Due diligence of 3 credit cooperatives in Volgograd, Iakoutsk and Khabarovsk.

2005-03 | Guatemala | BCIE : Evaluation of the Credit Guarantee Scheme on the National Federation of Savings and Loan Co-operatives of Guatemala (560.000 members).

2003 – 2005 | Burundi, Rwanda & DRC | SIDI : Implementation, training and monitoring of a cooperative-type “Mutuelle de Solidarité” (MUSO).

2002-06 – ongoing | Burkina Faso | FNGN & SOS Faim : Coordinator of the Technical Assistance of a food security program of the FNGN (600’000 members).

2002 – 2008 | India | Annapurna Mahila Mandal Credit Cooperative Society: Technical assistance for the management and development of operations in the areas of Mumbai and Thane.

2001 | Ethiopia | UNICEF: Assisted in setting up Shewit Iodized Salt Cooperative in Mekelle for the production of animal and household iodized salt.

2000-11 | Cameroon: Evaluation of the FOCAOB (FondsCommund’Appui aux Organisations de Base), a rural grassroots and village (cooperative-type) network of 44 savings and loan schemes in the Central Province.

2000-06 | Senegal | SDC : External evaluation of the self-help financial scheme initiated by and for the FENAGIE-Pêche, a federation of small scale fishermen.

1999-10 | Namibia | GRET : Feasibility Study of a Self-finance Scheme in North Central Namibia.

1999-02 | Peru | La Florida & SOS Faim : Team leader, evaluation mission of the major coffee marketing co-operative in Peru.

1999 – 2002 | Ethiopia | Dutch Inter-church agency/UNICEF : Planned the pilot project to build a raw salt production evaporation ponds in Lake Afdera and train Afar youths in how to produce quality raw salt and iodization.

1997-10 – 1999-01 | Moldova | FIDES : Develop a training scheme to implement 50 saving and credit cooperatives (i.e. Raiffeisen model), training of members, managers and members of the board.

1996-05 | Equator | SDC : Definition of a long term financial capitalization strategy for the movement of community commercialization (230’000 members).

1996-01 | Equator | SDC & ILO : Workshop designed and animated for the members of RELACC (RedeLatinoamericana de ComercializaciónComunitaria) on the instruments for commercialization.

1996 – 1999 | Angola | UNICEF : Training for salt producers and local staff in the major salt production. Material covered quality production, packaging, distribution and sales.

1995 – 1998 | Mozambique: Training for small scale salt producers concerning the production of sea salt, processing and iodizing.

1995 | Senegal | UNICEF/WHO/ICCIDD: Workshop on Salt Iodization for Small Salt producers of West Africa.

1991 – 1993 | Switzerland | ILO: Management of an inter-regional promotion program for cooperatives.